Design programs and system change initiatives which deliver your organisation’s purpose and change lives.

We need both good quality program design and well-designed system change initiatives to deliver long-term social change. Fragmented and piecemeal efforts with poor understanding of the context abound. Our approach is to develop well designed technical and clinical solutions to the problems that can be solved simply as a first step in the system change effort. Often there are a group of simple professional learning or practice change programs and interventions, including the improvement of existing critical services, that must be undertaken to clear the landscape to see where the more complex intractable solutions need to be developed. Where educational and health service density or quality are inadequate, these functions need to be restored to ensure resources are not being wasted on unnecessary complexity.

Our program design methodology is derived from a blend of human-centred design and implementation science. Our inspiration comes from best practices across the globe but we make sure a successful solution from an international or different context is properly understood and the key drivers are replicable in your context so the outcomes don’t disappoint. Whether your organisation seeks to move from good to great, or think differently about how it executes its mission, we use our Guiding Principles to help you achieve radical improvement.

​Good program and system change initiatives start with ambition. Strategy is one thing, but achieving the goals on the page is another matter. For us, the real work is helping our clients realise the full potential of an improvement agenda. Whether your organisation is rethinking the customer experience, redesigning its internal elements, helping staff build new skills or making sure major changes are properly implemented, our unique transformation methodology and change management process will help you improve the things that matter most.

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