We help organisations create and implement ambitious strategies.

Great strategy means a relentless focus on value creation. Knowledge Society helps organisations develop bold strategies that deliver value for businesses, customers, stakeholders and citizens. A great strategy defines where an organisation will play and outlines a clear vision that its people can rally around. We help businesses discover where they want to be and how they will get there – including the resource allocation the new strategy will demand.

Using our Guiding Principles, we support you through the strategic planning process and help leaders set the parameters of a strategy, ask better questions about how they create value, explore different strategic alternatives and avoid low-impact initiatives. Our goal is to help you achieve a simple, coherent roadmap for your future. We work side-by-side with leaders to design strategies in a collaborative process that reveals hidden insights, avoids groupthink and encourages boldness. Talk to us about how we can help your organisation design a strategy.

Guiding principles

Deliver tangible results and seek impact

Our aim is not to create reports that sit on a shelf, but to deliver tangible results that can be tested and improved in a real context.

We use evidence synthesis, data analytics, design thinking and prototyping to create services, products and solutions that make a measurable impact. The combination of our strategic nous and delivery capability changes companies. We stick around to see things out, bringing your organisation’s strategy off the page and into real life.

Work with clients, not on them

Knowledge Society helps firms improve from within. Our consultants immerse themselves in your organisation and gain deep insight into your work and culture.

We co-design solutions with your people and, before we leave, we establish the conditions in which the work can prosper when we are gone. The Knowledge Society team is collaborative, warm and humble. We are committed to the principle of co-design, because trying to change something from the outside doesn’t work.

Disciplinary expertise meets the beginner’s mind

Experts play an important role in understanding problems and challenges more deeply than others can. Even better, though, is an expert view tempered by the beginner’s mind.

We are those special outsiders who come in fresh and bring clarity to the big questions that are opaque to insiders. While disciplinary experts can get lost in the deep forest of their understanding, spectacular solutions rarely emerge from beginner’s work. Our solution is to combine both: decades of learning and knowledge and the curiosity and lightness of the beginner. This is the sweet spot that our methodologies deliver.

Focus on deep human needs

Human society orbits around eternal human needs like belonging, mastery, learning, growth and exchange. Exceptional products and services have the fulfilment of these needs at their heart.

Using human-centred design techniques, we help organisations step into the shoes of their users, customers, staff and partners and understand how they experience the world. By focusing on the things that matter most to everyone involved, we help our clients improve human wellbeing, customer satisfaction and organisational productivity.

Candour counts

The world is awash with spin and unspoken truths. It is only through restoring real candour to professional conversations and organisational life that we can improve the institutions and businesses that matter to us.

Honest dialogue has always been the means to improve the world – sincerity, authenticity, integrity and all the values written on boardroom walls are non-existent without it. We’re not perfect, but we can be relied upon to be frank and candid. Through honest insights and straightforward feedback, we infuse our clients with a fresh sense of purpose and the capacity for wise judgement.

Be selective

We don’t work on every problem or for every organisation. We look for projects and partners where there is a real prospect of innovation or improving the lives of a large group of people.

We’re attracted to work that will have an impact beyond the project itself. Knowledge Society looks for partners whose conviction meets their commitment and we intend for our work to become a demonstration of what is possible, and to be emulated. Our people are committed to making a difference that speaks for itself, because that is the only true measure of our success.