Tess is an experienced educator now working in school and education system strategy. Having worked in Australia and overseas in the private, nonprofit and government sectors, Tess brings a strong experience-base to her work. Of particular value is her first-hand experience in teaching and leadership in a school setting. Her focus at Knowledge Society is to support the design and implementation of programs in high impact teaching, instructional leadership and the Science of Learning. Tess works closely with teachers, principals and system leaders in on the ground design, implementation and evaluation of system-wide capacity building initiatives. She has a long-held passion for improving the educational experiences of Australia’s young people through evidence-informed reform. She has great confidence in Australia’s educators to continue to improve their practice if given access to the time, knowledge and evidence they need.

Influential work

  • Preparing a Business Case for a system-wide Australian education reform
  • Taught for 3.5 years in the Department of Education including as Head of Learning Area
  • Participated in the Teach for Australia Leadership Development Program
  • Mentor and instructional coach to Teach for Australia associates


  • Strategy
  • Nonprofit and government innovation
  • Systems change
  • Policy analysis


Tess studied Law and International Relations at the University of Western Australia. During her university studies, she worked as a policy analyst for the think tank Future Directions International, publishing eight articles and numerous policy analysis papers on behalf of  the organisation. After two years in private legal practice, Tess pursued her passion for Education by joining the Teach for Australia program. She now applies her knowledge of government policy, legal frameworks and education to her work at Knowledge Society.