Miles is a highly skilled creative producer, facilitator and community development specialist with local and international experience.  His extensive experience has seen him design and implement hundreds of local community programs and engaging with thousands of participants and audience members.

Miles sees a project through a storytelling lens and is always looking for the right voice to tell the right part of the story so that complex issues and profound learnings are disseminated with clarity and vision to the widest most relevant audiences.    

Influential work

  • Established Creative for Life, an arts on prescription program in East London (UK) that successfully reduces social isolation and increases wellbeing for people with mental health issues.
  • Partnered with Amana Living to lead innovative inter-generational arts program. Featured on Today Tonight the program practically explores the extensive benefits of shared generational activity.
  • Established StoryLab, a storytelling centre for young people that mentors writers, poets and comic book illustrators of all levels to develop their ideas from page to print.


  • Creative program design
  • Storytelling
  • Facilitation
  • Collaborative planning
  • Community engagement


Miles is a multi-disciplinary artist with experience of working across community, education , health and local government sectors.  He has a Masters in Applied Theatre from Goldsmiths College London and his experience in theatre has led him to train and work with National Theatre UK, NIDA and Barking Gecko Theatre WA.  In 2016, Miles founded Globe Town Project, a charitable organisation dedicated to using creative practice as a tool for social change and community building. He is also co-founder of GreenShoes Arts (2009), a grassroots community engagement project working alongside vulnerable youth and adults in East London, UK.