Joanne offers a breadth of social research, consumer behaviour and product development expertise. She has eighteen years’ experience supporting a wide range of private sector, not-for-profit and government organisations improve their marketing practice and performance. Her experience centres on product innovation in a range of industries and research into consumer values and behaviour, particularly where consumer preferences are the result of values-based considerations and where ethics meets business. She has led large and small research teams and consulted on numerous social campaigns. She is a trusted adviser in a variety of settings and sees through to the underlying and critical issues of her clients’ challenges.

Influential work

  • Helped Meat and Livestock Australia develop and implement best-practice innovation management processes.
  • Reviewed an agricultural Cooperative Research Centre’s innovation management system to improve the successful development, introduction, diffusion and implementation of pasture and animal management technologies with the adoption of fourth-generation research and development management approaches.
  • Led the Pastures from Space commercialisation project to help the CSIRO develop an online platform for remote-sensed pasture management technology and the adoption and implementation of this technology in Australian livestock industries.
  • Designed training and development programs for entrepreneurs and business owners for the Entrepreneurship and Business Development Unit at the Curtin University Business School.
  • Helped the CSIRO, Sheep CRC and Australian Wool Innovation improve outcomes from publicly funded research.


  • Innovation systems
  • Research commercialisation
  • Research activation
  • Innovation policy
  • Consumer research


Joanne is an Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer in Marketing with the UWA Business School. She holds a PhD (2009) in management from the University of Western Australia. Her research and consulting interests are in the broad areas of personal values, innovation management and consumer behaviour. Joanne is the Centre Deputy Director at the University of Western Australia’s Centre for Human and Cultural Values. She has worked as a researcher at the Department of Agriculture and managed a textile point-of-sale manufacturing business in the United Kingdom.