David Kennedy has a unique skill set and experience spanning science, management, philosophy and theology. He integrates economic, philosophical and technical perspectives based on his wide experience and training. He has over twenty-five years’ experience working at senior levels as a ministerial adviser, research analyst, public sector strategist and commercial consultant, particularly in the communications, technology, health and education sectors. David has a long track record leading and advising on research-based legislative and commercial projects in Australia and Malaysia. He also advises on ethical and theological issues, particularly around education.

Influential work

  • Led the ministerial team that managed the 1997 telecommunications reforms in Australia, opening the duopoly to full competition.
  • Advised the Malaysia government on its convergence telecommunications and media reform 1998–2000, leading to major legislative reform and restructuring of regulatory arrangements.
  • Led market foresight analysis for a major insurer to support new business development, innovation analysis and strategy for a major bank to promote innovation policies and culture in Australia.
  • Provided theological and philosophical advice to a mission project for a major education provider in Australia, training teachers to adopt innovative approaches to curriculum design and staff formation.


  • Foresight analysis
  • Quantitative modelling
  • Market intelligence
  • Innovation policy
  • Ethical analysis


David has an honours degree in theoretical physics from Sydney University and a graduate diploma in philosophy from Melbourne University. He launched his career as the lead ministerial advisor for the 1997 telecommunications reforms in Australia. He has worked in various advisory and management roles since then. He is currently enrolled in a doctorate in theology at the John Paul II Institute in the Melbourne Archdiocese, on the topic of the metaphysics of history in Christianity and modernity.