Cassandra works alongside the Head of Production to produce video packages and other content that are instrumental to the professional learning offerings in Knowledge Society’s suite of education programs for schools and systems. She also provides support with production elements for the company’s collaborations with not-for-profit organisations and philanthropic families in the communities practice. Cassandra utilises her experience in storytelling and her in-depth understanding of the end-to-end video production process to coordinate the logistics involved in Knowledge Society’s production projects which contribute to the success of our work.

Influential work

  • Generated ideas, sourced talent and conducted interviews for news and human interest stories screened on a top-rating current affairs program.
  • Worked as a script writer for a documentary that explores extraordinary natural phenomena, produced locally in Western Australia.
  • Story producer, script writer and digital content creator for two weekly television programs that aired on the 7 Network.
  • Sourced and compiled engaging articles in print and digital formats for a local Perth publication with a target audience of children and families.


  • Storytelling
  • Community engagement
  • Applied research
  • Project management


Cassandra previously worked in the television industry for 11 years. Her previous roles have included Associate Producer/2nd Chief of Staff for Channel 7’s Today Tonight, Field Producer/Television Presenter for several infomercial programs, and Script Writer for a documentaries series. Cassandra also has experience as a freelance print journalist. Her extensive media background spans current affairs, documentary and infomercial television, as well as print journalism for arts and family-targeted publications. Cassandra’s key strengths include her organisational skills, media insights, and a passion for sharing stories.