Anne Goodall is a highly accomplished human-centred designer, facilitator, evaluator, placemaker and stakeholder-engagement specialist who has been helping organisations drive service innovation and deliver greater social impact for fifteen years. Through a career spanning the private, government, not-for-profit and university sectors, she has been a trusted thinking partner and collaborator for over fifty organisations. Anne’s ability to craft clarity from confusion, facilitate genuine dialogue, and build creative and workable solutions to diverse problems is highly valued by all who work with her. She solves design problems across a range of sectors, including aged care, education, homelessness and housing, mental health and suicide prevention, youth development, community building and public space activation.

Influential work

  • Reviewed the Western Australian government’s workplace suicide prevention initiative and led the co-design and prototyping of a redesigned program.
  • Led user research and prototyping of a new aged care business for a major Western Australian mutual.
  • Managed the action-research component of three innovative homelessness programs (including the pilot project that became the Street to Home program in Western Australia), working closely with service providers to redesign and refine programs based on outcomes and learnings.
  • Led strategy development and prototyping of new professional learning resources to drive the continuous improvement of teaching in a statewide education system.


  • Co-design
  • Human-centred design
  • User and community engagement
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Collaborative planning
  • Facilitation
  • Evaluation and impact measurement
  • Placemaking


Anne started her career at the Australian Bureau of Statistics where she designed and delivered research products to meet the needs of Western Australian government agencies. For ten years she ran Social Fabric, a respected social design consultancy. Anne has worked in management, research, and evaluation roles for the City of Stirling, Ruah Community Services and Curtin University’s Research Centre for Stronger Communities. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Community Development from Murdoch University and a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) from University of Western Australia. In 2010 she founded Creative Maylands, a citizen-led community development initiative focused on the neighbourhood where she lives. Anne was also a member of the advisory group that established Reconciliation WA and a member of the Vincent Reconciliation Group for ten years.