Angelica applies her knowledge, skills and experience in graphic design to the creation of professionally styled products for Knowledge Society in a variety of different print, video and online media. She is adept at understanding the needs of her internal stakeholders in the company’s education and communities teams as well as those of external clients and partners. Angelica works collaboratively and cooperatively to translate the knowledge, information and research of the Knowledge Society designers and program managers into visual elements that enhance program delivery and outcomes.

Influential work

  • Supported the design of deliverables and collateral for an innovative project, trialing a ‘social supermarket’ model to address food stress and improve food security, in and around Roebourne, Western Australia.
  • Produced the editorial design of regular features inserted in The West Australian newspaper such as World Cancer Day, Mental Health Week and NAIDOC Week, which were designed to inform the community and make a social impact.
  • Provided graphic design assistance to develop the visual identity of the Unlimited Women student-led group at The University of Western Australia.


  • Design
  • Storytelling
  • Project management
  • Collaborative planning


Angelica holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design from Anahuac Mayab University in Yucatán, México. She has spent time as an exchange student, freelanced and was part of an internship at a social impact and digital agency. All of these experiences have contributed to Angelica’s knowledge and intercultural awareness, providing her with a variety of perspectives that are reflected in her ability to understand how to apply design principles to generate creative solutions that fit the needs of the clients and customers she works with. Angelica has also worked previously in marketing and design agencies including a graphic design role in the editorial design department at The West Australian newspaper, immediately prior to joining the Knowledge Society team.