Understanding the provenance and promise of government policy

Great policy analysts see policy in its correct historical context. Too much policy innovation in Australia is a ‘false dawn’ – a new idea about to prove itself oversold in its home country, grabbed with both hands and implemented here before the report card is in. It is essential, before getting to excited by a plausible new policy idea, to understand if it is noise or signal. Knowledge Society provides policy advice to governments and helps organisations respond to changing policy contexts.

Knowledge Society, with its strong grounding in economics, history and the evolution of public policy, is forearmed and forewarned. We track global movements in economic and social policy and see the ones with enduring merit that deserve to be incorporated sensibly into the Australian policy playbook. We see long-term and are thoughtful about which policy solutions are realistic given the social forces and technological change underway.

We work in multiple policy domains, including education (school education, vocational education training and higher education), innovation and the future of work health, welfare, community, and urban development. To each of these domains we bring a deep curiosity and healthy skepticism combined with the optimism that there are better policy prescriptions that can improve services and outcomes. If your organisation seeks expertise in policy reform, evaluation, system and program design or economic analysis, get in touch.


‘Knowledge Society thinks deeply about the long-term implications of social and economic trends and the policy responses that might be required. They know the data, but are wise and imaginative about how things will play out, so you are getting the best of both worlds. It’s a rare combination.’

Adrian Turner Chief Executive Officer, Data61