Helping philanthropists maximise the social impact of their gifts and investments

Foundations and philanthropists are increasing their expectations of social outcomes from the funding support they provide to ensure the maximum benefit accrues to society from their contributions. There is an evolution from traditional philanthropy and grant-giving to more focused, engaged, long-term and strategic investing. Venture and catalytic philanthropists can make a decisive difference by bringing people together to collaborate, backing talented social innovators and entrepreneurs, and providing the risk capital for learning and discovery that governments cannot.

A new breed of philanthropists are not just data-informed, but are systems thinkers and investors. Knowledge Society has been at the forefront of this revolution. We help foundations, individual philanthropists and coalitions work at scale to change the lives of the vulnerable. Our work ranges from creating strategies for philanthropic foundations to program design and development to achieve major social change. We bring our Guiding Principles and unique process to each domain we work in. If you are a philanthropist or leader of a foundation and seek to maximise the impact of the money you steward, speak to us.


‘Knowledge Society possess a unique combination of philosophical grounding, policy insight and the science of social impact. They have been a flexible and trusted partner in our work to reimagine how our foundation can make a difference to current and future generations.’

David McMahon Chairman