Creating value for governments, providers and patients

Governments and service providers are under pressure to deliver better health and care outcomes at a lower cost. Changing consumer expectations and changes in regulation, funding and technology require industry players to improve their services, deliver better user experiences and increase their productivity and sustainability.

Knowledge Society helps governments, healthcare providers, aged-care and disability organisations, and insurers to deliver better experiences to patients or beneficiaries at a lower price. This might include helping organisations increase their scale or integrate their services, deliver better and more personalised care, or design and deliver new service offerings. We work with organisations to radically improve their existing business and design new services and business models. If your organisation seeks to create value for users and gain a competitive advantage, speak to us.


‘Knowledge Society deeply understands the forces at play in our industry, including consumer-directed care and what it will mean for service providers. They offer the insights and skills that an organisation needs to make real change.’

Dan Minchin Chief Executive Officer, Chorus