New collaborations are transforming the economic contribution of Australia’s extractive industries

There is no need to go to Silicon Valley to witness the transition to automation and the internet of things – the fifth industrial revolution is here in Australia’s state-of-the art extractive industries. The largest fleet of driverless vehicles in the world, sophisticated big-data capability, and next-generation robotics and sensors already play centre-stage in the industry of tomorrow.

Knowledge Society has joined several energy and resources organisations in different parts of their journey to the forefront of technological change. We understand the innovation ecosystem in which our globally leading companies exist. The combination of unrelenting price competition, which keeps the motivation for productivity enhancing innovation high, and the incentive to collaborate on training, research and development are critical dynamics in the global preeminence of Australia’s iron ore, liquefied natural gas and minerals industries.

Knowledge Society helps industries maximise the collaborations that result in global industry leadership. Our ability to work with research institutes, operators, policymakers and across supply chains is unique. Knowledge Society understands the economic drivers of innovation – technology collaborations, roadmaps for technical development, narratives that promote and encourage collaboration, networks and knowledge brokering and diffusion.

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‘Knowledge Society understands the dynamics of industry collaboration. They combine global ambition and local expertise.’

Mark Stickells Executive Director, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre