The most important locus of action is the neighbourhood

Communities are where people live, and healthy communities are where people thrive and grow. Knowledge Society helps providers in disability, mental health, homelessness, domestic violence and employment improve lives through becoming more strategic, collaborative and relational. Our task, if we want community services to promote human flourishing, is to reconnect people with each other and restore their ties at a local level. Knowledge Society works with organisations to achieve this in the context of increasing competitive pressure and the individualisation of funding for services.

We help community organisations develop place-based solutions, especially as part of coalitions and local alliances. Great community services put citizens at the centre, moving providers beyond producer-focused, transactional ways of working to deliver what communities need.

Knowledge Society believes that – when it comes to social services – focusing on communities and neighbourhoods changes the lives of citizens for the better. If your organisation or sector has a wicked problem to solve, speak to our collective impact experts about how to design your services, structure your operations and reframe your theory of change to do powerful work in the community.