About Knowledge Society

Knowledge Society is a consulting firm that makes businesses more productive and public goods more sustainable. We believe that the desire to do good and create value is deeply wired into all of us and that we must strive to restore a focus on eternal human needs and market-tested betterment to Australian firms and institutions.

Since our founding in 2014, Knowledge Society has worked on solving some of our society’s deepest problems and biggest challenges, including helping companies adapt and grow in the face of technological disruption and working with education systems to radically improve teaching and learning across entire states and jurisdictions. We are proud of our work and rapid growth in this period, which is a testament to the strength of our mission and the effectiveness of our unique approach, which emphasises human-centred design, economic reasoning and a return to first principles.

Now we look to the next five years of Knowledge Society’s impact. Our company’s founding team is committed to growing the intensity and scale of our work to reach more partners, clients and beneficiaries to do the most important work in the country in the health, education, government, community and private sectors. We are highly selective about the projects we undertake and we put our whole selves into our work. This means that joining Knowledge Society is not just a professional choice, it is a personal choice. We want people in our team who are independent thinkers with a strong work ethic and unwavering commitment to the betterment of society.

Why join now?

It’s a great time to join Knowledge Society. The scope of our client base means we are in a position to make a decisive impact on Australian education.

Knowledge Society is a boutique firm; however, we have developed high-impact approaches that are deeper and smarter than alternative providers. Our philosophy and processes ensure that we lead our clients to the roots of their challenges and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of impact, offering our clients the best return on investment.

Our firm is building national networks within the change, innovation and transformation capabilities of Australia’s state and federal public services so that we can help them design grounded, realistic and high-impact transformation programs. We need highly accomplished professionals to lead these engagements and build national communities of practice in change and transformation based on world-class evidence.

Joining us now, you will be part of this focused and potent effort to improve Australia’s critical public services and economy. This particular position in education is a key role in galvanising the energy for reform and improvement that pervades Australia, but which is not always harnessed well. Working with Knowledge Society, you will be forging a highly strategic and well-researched path, guiding education leaders and changemakers so that their efforts lead to decisive improvements in the quality of education and learning outcomes for the students under their care. There are multiple opportunities to drive such efforts.

Knowledge Society’s work in education is leading the way in combining the power of global-class research and evidence with strategy insight and design-informed approaches. For strategic and big-picture consultants with the training to examine and deeply understand the problem domain, gaining implementation experience in domains like education and health – assisted by human-centred design, systems thinking and place-based approaches – will round out your professional development and your impact. If you wish to learn how to combine rigour with imagination, this is a great time to join Knowledge Society.

For people who judge themselves by the difference they are making to the world, and in particular to the lives of young people, this is a role of interest to you.

About the role

Senior Consultants lead consulting projects, including working closely with clients on the identification of the problem to solve and the implementation of a solution.

Knowledge Society helps governments, school systems, foundations and not-for-profits achieve gains in student learning outcomes using strategic, people-centred and evidence-informed approaches. We use our deep knowledge base for improvement in education to create solutions that reduce the gap between evidence and practice to improve student learning. Our work in education is extremely ambitious and focused on system change at the national level.

We are recruiting a Senior Consultant in Sydney to manage projects within our growing education practice. Senior Consultants lead consulting projects, including working closely with clients on the identification of the problem to solve and the implementation of a solution. They are involved from strategy through execution with a disciplined eye on impact throughout engagements. Your role includes forming and testing hypotheses using existing data or through conducting field research and working closely with clients on the implementation of solutions.

Knowledge Society seeks people who are ambitious and passionate about education. This position would suit somebody highly driven by an internal mission to make a significant positive impact on Australian society. The position requires solid experience in a problem-solving role, such as in a strategy consulting firm or related context (e.g. an internal strategy role) with project leadership and relationship management experience. Although the role is mainly focused on education, you will also work on projects in other sectors. Our consulting work is diverse and rigorous, often executed on location for clients. Projects differ in scope and size, depending on our client’s challenge. You may be required to travel.

Our people

Our consultants work autonomously, but collaboratively.

Senior Consultants work independently, but value input from a variety of sources and collaborate with client partners, other colleagues and experts to create value and build our company’s knowledge base.

Our consultants think deeply.

Do you read widely? Are you a policy wonk? Do you have your finger on the pulse of the global frontier of practice in the areas that interest you? We are looking for people who, like us, are always thinking about different strategies to ameliorate wicked problems.​

Our consultants understand client paradigms.

Relationships of trust that sustain the creation of long-term value are based upon being able to understand the world from the client’s perspective and bring new insight to them in their everyday language.

Our consultants have natural leadership qualities.

We are looking for people who have natural leadership attributes who inspire good work from others and foster great individual and team work. We look for people who thrive in ambiguity and combine strategic nous with creativity and rigour.

Send your application to careers@knowledgesociety.com.au.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain relationships of trust with existing clients and partners.
  • Build collaborative partnerships and networks with clients that will further their ambitions and deepen our relationship.
  • Consult with clients to define, describe and prioritise their challenges. Generate strategic and creative responses to client problems and turn these insights into compelling new proposals.
  • Formulate hypotheses with clients on the identification of the detailed problem to solve. Use data and human-centred design to investigate these problems and propose a solution.
  • Manage and deliver change, transformation and innovation projects, ensuring milestones and outcomes are met within budget and positive relationships are maintained with project partners.
  • Stay at the forefront of research, commentary and intellectual inquiry in education and other fields, translating these insights for our team and the wider public. Advance Knowledge Society’s contribution to thought leadership in education and the domains of your choice.
  • Form relationships and increase Knowledge Society’s presence in the education sector. Participate in and help curate occasional events to promote Knowledge Society’s work and extend our impact.
  • Identify and cultivate relationships with potential clients and partners, lead and take part in client pitches and negotiate new work and contracts with clients.

Role details

This role is based in Sydney and the successful candidate will work independently to build Knowledge Society’s practice on the East Coast. Knowledge Society team members work all over Australia and meet regularly for team meetings and client engagements as appropriate. We will consider candidates who wish to be based in Canberra or Melbourne with regular travel to Sydney.

Base salary of up to $140,000 per year depending on experience plus 9.5% superannuation.

Fixed-term contract for one year with the intention to become permanent.

This is a full-time role, but we are willing to consider flexible working arrangements.

This role reports to the Chief Executive Officer and the successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing 2–3 projects concurrently, including managing junior staff.