The axis of good philanthropic practice is impact – the measurable clarity and visibility of the difference an organisation makes. This philanthropic foundation asked Knowledge Society to help discern its focus and activities. We worked with its leaders and stakeholders to determine the frameworks and methods of investing and philanthropic giving that would make the most difference to society and, ultimately, lead to an ambitious and high-impact giving strategy.

Using our unique process, Knowledge Society curated a strategic learning journey for the foundation. This journey started with a deep grounding in the history of philanthropy and giving, its origins and the evolution of philanthropic practices over time. We helped the foundation discern what good philanthropic practices look like to help it maximise the impact of its philanthropic investment, including the different models of philanthropy from traditional to catalytic, venture and impact investing, as well as what to look for – the best due-diligence practices – in making philanthropic gifts and investments.

The client is working on its blueprint for operations and establishing its team to enable it to take its rightful place among the great Australian philanthropic endeavours in Australia. This process of reflection and discernment mean the organisation will have strong foundations, a clear sense of mission and an ethos which embodies the character and beliefs of the family in whose name it operates.

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