When Indigenous people achieve the same educational attainment as non-Indigenous Australians, their employment rates and economic achievement reach parity. Generation One, an initiative of the Minderoo Foundation, has had success in its mission to empower Indigenous Australians.

In 2008, Generation One launched the Australian Employment Covenant – successfully convincing Australian companies to offer 60,000 full-time positions to Australian Indigenous people – and created an employment-first training model for Indigenous people. Having concluded these projects, it was time for Generation One to identify its next high-impact strategies and activities.

Knowledge Society was invited to develop the organisation’s new strategic agenda. We worked with the Generation One leadership team to analyse a broad range of initiatives for ending the disparity between Indigenous and other Australians. In collaboration with Generation One, we identified the opportunities for the greatest potential impact.

A comprehensive strategy was created based on eight new projects with high potential impact, organised around key themes: a focus on school attendance in indigenous communities and improving schools; generating indigenous employment opportunities through indigenous procurement; initiating new training programs in juvenile prisons; and helping governments improve place-based commissioning practices to better meet indigenous community needs and achieve lasting outcomes. A collaborative approach ensured that staff expertise, insight and knowledge informed the content of the strategy and drove buy-in across the team.

The key to maximising the impact of expenditure on indigenous services is to close the knowledge and practice gap for governments to deliver place-based coordination and commissioning models. This involves observing, studying and learning from community pilots and then sharing the core knowledge, principles and practices widely with government and non-government partners. Knowledge Society is working, in partnership with Generation One, to engage communities where existing well-developed community coordination initiatives are aligned to the current Generation One focus areas. The task is to educate all of the important players – government commissioners, service provides and the emerging community backbone organisations – on how to improve the way they work together to achieve the outcomes they all seek.

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