Human movement is the lifeblood of a modern city. A vibrant place makes for a lively and safer city. This client, which has a significant local footprint in Western Australia, asked Knowledge Society to create an offer for its younger customers that would increase its brand relevance and build on its reputation for supporting a vibrant and creative local community.

Western Australia experienced from a huge economic boom in the decade up to 2017. Perth, its capital, benefited from the population explosion and development that occurred. During this period, the hospitality and entertainment industries in the city came of age, transforming the cultural life of the city. This client wanted to boost Perth’s vibrancy and offer millennials more opportunities to experience local arts, entertainment and culture. Knowledge Society created Playbeat – a new reason for the Perth population to get out and explore local experiences.

Playbeat allows local vendors access to new audiences that are otherwise hard to reach. The value proposition for vendors is twofold: market to a new, younger audience and utilise excess capacity, especially at the last minute. Subscribers have access to a curated directory of the best experiences in Perth. They receive on-demand access to the most exciting experiences in Perth, for less than the Uber ride home.

This client wanted to help make Perth better: make Perth spaces feel safer, more accessible and more vibrant; build long-term engagement with local businesses, local artists and people; and boost Perth’s economy and Western Australia’s tourism revenue. In twelve weeks, Knowledge Society created a mobile-ready web application and launched Playbeat to market. After months of live testing, the client updated and relaunched a new version of the product, and continues to invest in the idea.

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