An organisation’s true power is contained within the knowledge and insights of its people. Knowledge Society helps firms capture and package knowledge and intellectual property so it can be diffused for greater impact. We worked with a social enterprise that solves complex social challenges to codify its knowledge and expertise so it could be shared with clients in Australia and New Zealand for learning and training.

Although Innovation Unit had spent years developing and refining a unique design process and methodology, they had not distilled and documented this proprietary knowledge and expertise in one place. Innovation Unit asked Knowledge Society to create a concise kit to support their work. Ultimately, they wanted their clients to be able to use the kit to undertake processes independently or with coaching.

Through a series of interviews, we identified Innovation Unit’s ways of working, the critical stages of their methodology, how they work with clients, the types of projects clients would be undertaking and how they would engage with the materials. Then we set about bottling the magic. We codified their unique methodologies and practices and synthesised the key elements of their process. The kit is now used by clients all around Australia to solve problems.

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