Helping Australia become a ‘clever country’ again through conversations about evidence-based teaching practice

Knowledge Society is a social purpose business focused on education and helping researchers turn their knowledge into impact.

“Australia can become the ‘clever country’ again if we put our shoulder to the wheel and renew our nation’s K-12 education system.” This requires a return to knowledge-rich curriculum, high impact teaching practices and resources for teachers that are deeply informed by the Science of Learning.

Knowledge Society in partnership with the Crowther Centre at Brighton Grammar School and Primary Focus, are hosting the inaugural Science of Learning Leadership Accelerator (SOLLA) in May 2022. The presenter line up includes master practitioners, researchers, teacher educators and system leaders, and participant attendance from schools and education institutes across the country. SOLLA is a milestone on the journey toward renewing Australia’s education system.

Knowledge Society’s ambition is for evidence-based teaching practice, grounded in the Science of Learning and the Science of Reading, to be employed in the approximately 200,000 classrooms to the approximately 4,030,717 children and young people in our country. The two-day program of events at SOLLA is an important step towards achieving this.

The enthusiasm with which principals, system leaders and teachers have responded to SOLLA is indicative of the growing awareness that, in order for Australia to improve the literacy and numeracy rates of primary and secondary students, we need change at all levels from classrooms to schools, clusters to systems.

The participants attending SOLLA, many of whom have travelled from interstate to do so, have already accepted the challenge to change the Australian education system for the better. And, in her welcome address on Day 1 of the conference, Knowledge Society CEO, Elena Douglas, acknowledged their dedication by saying, “You are the best group of people to take this knowledge and practice to the country.”

Day 2 of SOLLA will conclude on 20 May 2022, but the quest to implement evidence-based practice across Australia’s education system goes on. Knowledge Society will continue to work with education systems, schools, teachers and leaders to grow the group of collaborators and share the stories of success, to help accelerate the change towards Science of Learning informed practice.