Knowledge Society is consulting reimagined.

We use design, economic reasoning, strategy and creativity to help our clients grow and improve.

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Knowledge Society solves wicked problems using data and design.

Our disciplined methodologies – such as the Global Knowledge Consensus – cut through innovation myths and ambiguity. We’re a different kind of professional services firm.

Why does Knowledge Society exist?

Knowledge Society exists because so many organisations, systems and businesses could be better. We believe that the desire to do good and create value is deeply wired into all of us and that every business and government entity can improve.

Awaiting the economic revolution

Be like the leading Australian businesses, who compare themselves to global leading firms in their sector – not the businesses down the street.

How to improve an education system

By using evidence and human-centred design, we can change the way our children learn – at scale – for the good of our whole society. See how one Australian school system is doing it.

How do you want to improve?

Innovation for transformation

For education systems, foundations, government departments and health, disability, aged care and community organisations who want to substantially improve the way they work or deliver services.

Innovation for growth

For corporates, mutuals, community organisations and others who wish to create new market opportunities, business models and sources of profit, and launch new businesses for current or future horizons.

Perhaps you don’t know yet.

We’re great at helping clients figure out where to focus.